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Need a Book?

If you didn’t receive a book or just need another copy you can pick one up at the following locations.

Pick Up Locations

Chamber of Commerce 160 North Main Logan
UPS Store
41 East 400 North
Bridgerland-Logan Pages
58 West 200 South

No Book Left Behind (OPT-OUT)


If you wish to no longer receive a printed version of your local Bridgerland-Logan Pages phone book, contact our Customer Care department by email or call 435-753-6765. Our distribution service will be happy to oblige your “no delivery” request.

In the spirit of our company working to produce in an enviroment using enviromentally friendly materials and recycling efforts, Bridgerland-Logan Pages partners only with companies that:

– Use low basis weight paper to reduce the fiber consumption
– Use recycled materials, including recycled paper and soy based inks
– Recycle aluminum plates
– Use non-hazardous solutions and glues
– Are compliant with enviromental statues, laws, regulations and policies.

Visit our Green Commitment page to learn more about our conservation efforts.