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The platform of Bridgerland-Logan Pages White Pages have both People Pages listings and a Business Pages listings . The People Pages is a directory listing of subscriber names, addresses, and telephone numbers in “white pages” commonly associated with the residential listings in traditional directories. All listings are sorted alphabetically.

Business Pages listings in Bridgerland-Logan Pages offers a White Page Display and HS listings, along with the typical Feature and line listing types of White Page Advertising. These types are listed below.

Full Color Display (Business White Pages)

WQCWP is a full color quarter column ad, same size as yellow pages.

WBCP is a Business Card with logo

WBANP is a 6” by 1” banner alternated at the top of Business Whites, no less than four (4) times. (Limited number available)

W2HS, W3HS, W4HS in-column listings from 2 inches to three inches. Logo’s in 3HS and 4HS sizes. Text colors  (Blue, Green, Purple or Red)

WFLN is a feature listing set apart with lines on top and bottom of listing. Highly sought after and available in color.  (Blue, Green, Purple or Red)

WSBLN  This is a super bold listing available in color. (Blue, Green, Purple or Red) EZ to read and a popular way to be found in white pages.

BLN  This is a bold listing available in black and color. (Blue, Green, Purple or Red)  A popular way to be found in the white pages.

WRL This is a basic bolded upgrade for a business listing in the White Pages. Requires an additional fee. This version prints the name and phone number at a larger size and helps business to be found easily in white pages. WCL This is a basic listing and a courtesy to qualified businesses. It is the smallest listing in white pages.

Specialty and Premium Ads 

Specialty and Premium Ads are available in the Bridgerland-Logan Pages printed directory. The number of these existing opportunities are limited. Messaging is typically simple and straight-forward with a focused call to action so ads can be easily read at a glance. This highly-visible real estate gets your business noticed.

– Back Cover
– Spine
– Inside Covers
– Banner Ads

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